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Intercom and Overhead Paging Systems

From everyday use to time critical emergency situations, today’s intercom and paging systems make communicating simple.

When it comes to getting your message out fast, nothing is more efficient than an intercom or overhead paging system. Whether you need to communicate to a single person or a large group, intercom and paging systems provide instant communication to your employees, visitors, and the general public.

Today’s intercom and paging solutions extend far beyond routine announcements; they make schools, workplaces, and public areas more efficient, and increase safety and security. Solutions range from standard public announcement and two-way intercom service to door and entry control, lock-down systems, surveillance monitoring, alert and evacuation, mass notification, event logging, and so much more. These highly advanced systems can even be configured to send automated messages to first responders in the event of an emergency.

Whether you require a streamlined or fully integrated intercom and paging system, our solutions are easy to use, highly reliable, and offer the ultimate in sophistication and control.

SoundCom is an authorized distributor for Rauland and IED intercom and overhead paging systems, as well as other industry leading manufacturers. As a certified installer, we provide design, integration, installation, training, and support for these industry leading communication systems.

Intercom and Overhead Paging Systems – Market Experience


School intercom and paging systems provide the ability to quickly and clearly communicate to every classroom and in every corridor while adding a level of safety and security. Today’s advanced systems offer a wide range of features designed to help schools keep everyone safe, informed, and on schedule.

  • Schedule bells, events, notifications, and synchronize clocks
  • Two-way, hands-free communication into any classroom
  • Schedule sequence of events that support your crisis plan for many types of emergencies including: school lock-down, evacuation, and weather events
  • Integrate with wireless devices, first responder and security systems
  • Panic buttons that instantly notify security, enable discreet monitoring, and record events
  • Connect multiple buildings to a central command and control center
  • Can be integrated into your existing access control system to enable remote arming and disarming of doors, motion detectors, and window sensors


Government & Public Areas

Governmental agencies as well as public areas require easy to use, highly functional, communication systems. Our intercom and overhead paging solutions allow crisp, clear messaging in a single zone, multiple zones, or throughout the entire facility.

  • Intercom/paging/public address
  • Live and automated announcements, mass notification
  • Synchronize clocks
  • Integrate with first responder systems, fire and rescue
  • Alarm and evacuation modes with automated directives
  • Single or multiple command/control points
  • Event logging, perimeter, and surveillance monitoring



Commercial facilities including manufacturing, distribution, and large office environments need the ability to communicate with staff members that are away from their desk or workstation. Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency and enhance customer service, while increasing overall safety and security.

  • One-way and two-way intercom/paging
  • Single zone, multi-zone, and mass notification
  • Sound leveling, sound masking, and background music
  • Tones for shift changes, breaks, lunch
  • Integrate with first responder systems, fire and rescue
  • Alarm and evacuation modes with automated directives
  • Can be integrated with existing access control systems



Dynamic spaces like airports, train stations, subways and bus terminals are in a constant state of flux. These complex facilities require intercom/paging systems that automatically adjust volume levels based on ambient noise, convert and display audio messages on digital signage, and contain control systems that are easy to learn and easy to use.

  • Noise sensors that read and measure ambient sound based on the amount of traffic, and automatically increase or decrease overhead intercom/paging volume levels
  • Advanced speech-to-text tools display overhead intercom/paging messages on digital signage boards for the hearing impaired
  • User-friendly, intuitive controls allow intercom/paging at a single gate, concourse, or throughout the entire terminal
  • Fully customizable, automated boarding announcement sequences, gate changes, platform announcements, and more


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