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Connect anytime, anywhere, anyplace with high quality conferencing solutions that are so good you won't believe you're not face-to-face.

Today's conference rooms are the hub of global communication and collaboration. As an integral part of the business world, these rooms must be equipped with the right tools for effective communication. Audio/video (AV) conferencing solutions must be expertly designed and integrated so the time of those present is well spent.

To create a versatile and reliable meeting space, SoundCom works closely with clients to understand how you would like to use your audio/video (AV) conference or collaboration room. Do you simply want to display presentations? Do you need a video conferencing environment to interface with multiple colleagues from around the world? Perhaps you require a collaborative environment with interactive whiteboards where multiple users utilize tools to share ideas and encourage creativity? Whatever the need, today's audio/video (AV) conference rooms and audio/visual (AV) collaborative environments have many diverse uses. Before the first piece of equipment is purchased – SoundCom will evaluate your required features, capabilities, participant use, physical characteristics of the room, and budget, to provide an appropriate solution for your unique needs.

As a leading audio/video (AV) conferencing solutions company, SoundCom designs, engineers and installs high quality conference solutions for boardrooms, conference rooms, corporate meeting spaces, and collaborative environments. We offer technologies that seamlessly connect multiple devices for presentation, teleconferencing, video conferencing, multipoint and cloud based conferencing with intuitive, user-friendly control interfaces.

We deliver the most comprehensive and reliable conferencing solutions in the industry including documentation, training, and 24/7 support. Whether you are starting out with a simple conference room containing a projector and conference phone or implementing audio and video across the entire organization, our goal is to create a meeting space, with true-to-life quality, that helps you think, create, and communicate effectively.

Audio/Video (AV) Conference & Collaboration Components

High Definition LCD
& LED Displays

Flat panel high definition displays, offer unbeatable image quality. Single displays are a good choice for a small conference room. For larger applications, dual or multiple displays can be configured to create very large, clear, vivid pictures.


DLP & LCD Projection

Today’s projection technologies are ideally suited to solve the needs of large meeting spaces driving image sizes measured more often in feet than inches. These cost effective options deliver crisp, legible images for large audiences making a strong visual impact in a wide range of applications.

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Audio Systems

High quality audio systems are vital for conference and collaboration rooms because crisp, full-room sound allows users to speak freely, and participants to hear clearly as if everyone is in the room. Precision engineered sound reinforcement ensures a highly intelligible audio experience for any conferencing application.

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Interactive Whiteboards & Displays

Interactive whiteboards allow collaboration with multiple users. The whiteboard can connect to laptops and multimedia devices to easily interact with the digital material being presented. You can write on the digital whiteboard itself or over documents, videos, spreadsheets, and presentations. Whiteboards notes can be saved to a file for electronic distribution and printing.

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Video Conferencing Codecs

At the heart of any video conferencing system is a codec. Today’s codec’s allow for completely immersive conferencing and collaboration experiences featuring smooth and crisp HD video along with complete content sharing functionality across any format on any device.

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Control Systems

Control systems allow different technologies developed by a wide range of manufacturers to connect and talk to each other seamlessly. The result is a control system that functions as the main control center, allowing you to manage all conference and collaboration room equipment simply, intuitively, and easily.

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Cameras & Microphones

Many components are available to complete your conference or collaboration room including pan-tilt-zoom cameras, advanced echo cancellation conferencing microphones, ceiling mounted microphones, and wireless lapel microphones.

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