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High quality audio/visual solutions that add a layer of depth to your message.

Audio/visual (AV) technology is one of the most influential and powerful means of communication in today's market. From corporate communications and operational centers to entertainment venues and houses of worship, high quality audio/visual (AV) solutions keep us informed, engaged, and deliver an impactful message.

SoundCom offers a comprehensive range of audio/visual (AV) services designed to help your organization become more efficient, communicate more effectively, and connect people and locations across the world. As a leading audio/visual (AV) integrator, SoundCom designs, engineers, and installs high quality systems for many types of uses including communication, education, training, entertainment, control rooms, operation centers, as well as mass transit applications.

We offer a wide range of options and equipment including high definition displays, projection systems, wall display systems, interactive whiteboards, and high quality sound equipment neatly tied together with user-friendly, intuitive control systems.

SoundCom delivers the most reliable audio/visual (AV) solutions in the industry including documentation, training, and 24/7 support. Our goal is to deliver the best, high quality audio/visual (AV) solution that allows you to communicate and work more effectively while enhancing the overall experience.

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Audio/Visual (AV) Solutions – Market Experience


Audio/visual (AV) equipment is critical in every aspect of the business day. From meetings and presentations to control and command centers, our comprehensive range of AV solutions are designed to be highly reliable and very easy to use.

  • High definition display and projection systems
  • High quality audio systems
  • Interactive whiteboards and displays
  • Video conferencing, teleconferencing, multipoint
    and cloud based conferencing
  • Intuitive, user-friendly control systems

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There is no doubt that today's audio/visual (AV) solutions play a vital role in the classroom. These 21st century technologies improve comprehension and retention, encourage collaboration, and keep students engaged while making learning fun.

SoundCom is dedicated to helping educational facilities find the best ways to integrate audio/visual (AV) technology in the classroom. From small classrooms to large multi-campus sites, our cost-effective, flexible solutions create dynamic learning spaces and give students new ways to interact with the material, and with each other.

  • Display, capture, and record presentations and lectures
  • Video conferencing and telepresence systems for external collaboration
  • Advanced interactive technologies, whiteboards, digital ink, and touch panel displays
  • Document cameras
  • Data and video display systems
  • Audio amplification, voice reinforcement, and assisted listening systems
  • Distance learning and audience feedback systems
  • Web-based applications that connect students, parents, and educators

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Government & Military

Critical environments such as government and municipal facilities require a certain amount of discretion and attention to detail. In these environments, secure audio/visual (AV) communications are designed to minimize the risk of content being accessible outside the organization or intended audience. From mission critical environments to emergency and network operation centers, SoundCom understands the nuances of these secure communication spaces.

  • Command and control rooms
  • Emergency and network operation centers
  • Briefing and interview rooms
  • Council chambers
  • Courtrooms and public hearing spaces

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Today's churches, synagogues, temples, and houses of worship realize the power behind a multi-sensory worship approach. High quality audio/visual (AV) equipment delivers your inspirational messages with clarity, engages the senses, and enhances the worship experience.

From audio equipment that supports both speech intelligibility and music, to video projectors and recorders that allow parishioners to watch worship services remotely – SoundCom understands the complexities of the religious environment and the overall goal of engaging the audience.

  • Sound systems that deliver clear, intelligible speech
  • Video projection and flat panel displays that support your inspirational message
  • Video systems that capture and record services for playback, remote distribution, and streaming
  • Support monitors that allow everyone an excellent view of the service, regardless of where they are sitting
  • Assistive listening systems
  • Digital signage for displaying announcements
  • Control systems that are easy to use and operate

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Sports & Entertainment

Sports facilities, stadiums, arenas, and entertainment facilities require audio/visual (AV) solutions that bring the venue to life with dynamic sight and sound. Projecting high quality, eye-catching images supported by exceptional sound quality captures an audience, keeps them engaged, and creates excitement.

From small, intimate settings to large stadium environments, SoundCom provides highly reliable, versatile systems, with intuitive, professional controls.

  • Sound systems with exceptional audio performance and superior sound reinforcement
  • High quality display and projection systems that deliver large, clear, vivid pictures
  • Custom control systems that make the complex tasks simple

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