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Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association

Formed in 2008, Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA) is a result of the consolidation of the Cleveland Bar and Cuyahoga County Bar Associations. CMBA serves as a local, nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the needs of legal professionals in Greater Cleveland. The purpose of CMBA is to promote the rule of law, sustain and improve the quality of and public trust in the administration of justice and the legal profession, and enhance Greater Cleveland through member, civic and community service and leadership.

In October of 2014, CMBA moved into its new headquarters and conference center located at One Cleveland Center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. SoundCom was retained to design and install all of the advanced audio/visual (AV) systems in the spectacular, new facility.

Conference Center
The new conference center boasts a 300+ seat auditorium featuring the latest in audio/visual (AV) collaboration technologies. To support large audience presentations with the highest image quality and clarity, a Panasonic WUXGA single-chip DLP digital projector was installed. CMBA also required a high level of flexibility and the ability to connect with a wide range of sources including the latest digital computer interfaces. Utilizing a Crestron DigitalMedia (DM) platform numerous connection points were installed allowing virtually any type of presentation to be displayed from anywhere in the room.

The new conference center also includes the latest in sound system technology featuring a pair of Renkus Heinz Iconx series digitally steerable line array speakers. These speakers are designed to deliver sound precisely where it is needed and unprecedented speech intelligibility while reducing reverberation and echo. The sound system is supported with wired and wireless microphones managed and controlled with a Biamp Nexia audio digital signal processor.

The entire system is controlled with 2 Crestron touch screen control panels designed to be extremely easy to operate allowing any user to run the system with little to no instruction. One control panel is hard wired to the system and located in the control booth while the second panel is wireless and resides in a docking station located at the presenters station. Each control panel was custom programmed and engineered by SoundCom to meet CMBA’s specific operational needs.

Erie Room
The Erie Room is a unique and flexible space designed to seat upwards of 175 guests. The audio/visual (AV) system features a dual-screen projection system and was designed to allow for a wide range of meeting types and configurations.

Two NEC 5,500 lumen high resolution projectors are mounted to custom ceiling brackets and project on a pair of 137” motorized screens providing clear views for anyone seated in the room.

Twenty Community ceiling speakers were installed throughout the space delivering crisp, clear sound even when the room is fully occupied.

Similar to the conference center, the Erie Room includes multiple connections for any type of portable device and has a full Crestron DM infrastructure which processes and routes sources to the projectors. For a consistent user experience from room to room, a Crestron color touch screen control panel was installed.

A number of classroom audio/visual (AV) systems were installed to support the extensive teaching and training curriculum of the CMBA. Based on room size, some classrooms are divisible. In these larger rooms SoundCom designed the system to automatically adjust AV components to the modified room configuration.

Each classroom features high resolution NEC digital projectors, complete sound systems, connections for portable computers, and easy to use Crestron control systems.

Superior Room
The Superior room features dual 90” high definition flat panel displays with full LifeSize video conferencing capabilities. This room keeps CMBA and its members connected to any client anywhere in the world with powerful high definition conferencing and multi-site connectivity.

Room Scheduling
To support a dynamic schedule of meetings and events, each room contains a Crestron interactive scheduling touch panel display controlled through a Crestron Fusion RV system. SoundCom integrated this with Microsoft Outlook allowing users to view and schedule rooms quickly and easily.

Digital Signage
Digital signage was installed in high traffic and common areas to display various messages and promotions. The displays are driven by BrightSign digital signage players giving CMBA to ability to manage, control, and update information being distributed to each of the displays.

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