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Sparrow Health System

Sparrow Hospital was founded in 1910 to provide health care services to the many new families brought to the area by the expanding automobile industry. Sparrow has grown to become mid-Michigan’s premier health care organization and provides some of the most advanced medical technologies in the world.

Sparrow Health System’s vision is to be a nationally recognized leader in quality as well as patient experience. Patient needs always come first and Sparrow leverages powerful technological implementations to enhance staff performance, decrease response times and improve overall patient satisfaction.

Facility Wide Integration
SoundCom worked closely with Sparrow administrators and nurse managers to design and implement a communication and workflow system that maximized patient care efficiency and quality. SoundCom installed and deployed the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call system, a care integration platform for a wide range of care delivery systems.

Customized Staff Terminals
Each R5 patient room is equipped with a customized staff terminal that supports and enhances patient workflow processes. These dynamic staff terminals feature large, color touch screen displays that are interfaced to mobile devices and provide two-way communication into patient rooms.

Customization automates patient workflow processes enabling staff members to respond with pre-defined, intelligent care information pathways. These custom processes streamline workflow which decreases staff response time and increases patient satisfaction and safety.

Real Time Location
SoundCom installed the Versus real time locating system to identify and locate hospital assets such as IV pumps, bladder scanners, and patient monitors. Equipment assets are tagged and can be easily located using IR and RF technology in real time scenarios.

Advanced Reporting
With the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call System, nurse managers have access to extensive reporting tools that are aimed at discovering patient workflow efficiencies and correcting problems and issues that may not otherwise be easily recognized.

Powerful Technological Integrations
From user-friendly staff assignment software, customized workflows, and wireless phone integration, Sparrow Health System is leveraging powerful technology to assist and support health care providers in delivering the highest quality of patient care possible with a superior level of accuracy and efficiency.

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