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Henderson Brothers

Established in 1893, Henderson Brothers has become one of the leading independent insurance agencies in the Pennsylvania tri-state area. Since their early beginnings, Henderson Brothers has grown and diversified into virtually all areas of insurance and risk management. Today, Henderson Brothers designs and manages programs for thousands of individuals, corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Henderson Brothers required a unique space that would support BYOD (bring your own device), a trend that allows users to connect personally owned devices to various components within the meeting space. In response, SoundCom developed and installed an audio/visual (AV) system that satisfied Henderson Brothers desire of a truly interactive, collaborative environment.

Conference/Collaboration Room
The new conference/collaboration room features a Sharp 80” touch display mounted at a height that allows the presenter to utilize the entire surface. Presentation sound is reinforced from a pair of Tannoy in-wall speakers flanking the touch screen display, powered by a Crown amplifier.

To accommodate the need for laptop presentation from multiple seats, SoundCom installed 2 Extron Hideaway® double-sided, vertical hubs that allow both analog and digital computer connectivity, network access, AC and USB power.

The BYOD requirement was outfitted with a Crestron AirMedia™ gateway. The gateway allows users to wirelessly connect personal devices such as smart phones, iPads, MacBooks, and PC laptops. Up to 32 users can connect at the same time, plus a quad view feature allows up to 4 presenters to display content simultaneously.

To support audio conferencing, SoundCom installed 8 Shure low-profile boundary microphones around the conference table. Sound reinforcement during an audio conferencing session is transmitted through 8 ceiling-recessed, Tannoy full bandwidth loudspeakers, powered by a Crown DriveCore™ amplifier.

Both the program and conferencing audio signals are mixed and processed by 2 Biamp Nexia processors with acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and a telephone interface.

At the heart of the AV system is a Crestron 8x8 DigitalMedia™ switcher, providing ultra-fast switching and pure, lossless distribution of HDMI and other signals.

To ensure that all employees can fully utilize the new AV system with confidence, a Crestron AV2 Series processor and a 5.7” wireless touch screen was installed. This user-friendly control system allows meeting participants to power the system on/off, select input sources, dial far-site locations, and adjust volume levels.

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